Wednesday, 7 April 2010

april fool

I seem to have done it again. On April Fool's day I posted a blog titled Spring and managed to lose it before I pressed the right button. I fear its time to face the fact that I am not a natural blogger. When I started this nonsence it was with the intention of subverting the Irish state. Sadly I couldn't hit the right tone of vituperative outrage. Jokes, ( poor ones) crept in and in the end I found myself leading a one woman campaign against the county council's plans to build a chemical loo on the most obvious scenic spot on the lake shore.The loo was opened, no-one gave a shit, and now it has become another leprous symbol of a country gone to the dogs. And then, at last the penny dropped.I was the only one reading my blog. The revolution curled up and died. Then of course, the government, or what is laughingly called a government in this beknighted island, took over and proceeded to implode. Or at least in any other country it would have imploded before being lined up, marched off,and eliminated by the outraged citizenry. Of course we'd have been left with the problem of who to replace them with.In Ireland the whole apparatus of government has been so totally corrupted by the dominant FF party that all the rest of the mob in Leinster House,by buying into the ethos of mutual back scratching, would just adjust the system to suit their particular needs. And the country as a whole is so conditioned to passivity for which i blame the catholic church that they can't be arsed.The pols would just call it something different, and go on milking a willingly stupid electorate as before. What'll happen in the end ? Personally I'm inclined to favour a termporary take-over of our " sovereignity" by a hand-picked gang of Northern Europeans all deeply imbued with Lutheran ethics. Ten years of having the noses of our political leaders stuck to the grindstone as against deep in the trough might have a salutary effect.
On the other hand the upright Lutherans might get a taste for democracy " Irish" style and become more Irish than we are. Its happened before....

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