Saturday, 12 February 2011


I wonder if its true what they say about cameras. You know, the one that goes," the camera never lies."? Because if it is I fear we're in for a tricky ride, candidatewise.
This thought struck me as I hit the outskirts of Galway. There, on every single lampost the image of Michael Martin smirked down like a confirmation candidate who has just taken the pledge - and means to keep it. In a line-up of the nearly angelic he could stand shoulder to shoulder with Enda Kenny. The pair of them every mother's pride and joy. But would you vote for them?
I mean ,with or without a halo, wouldn't you want someone who's, maybe tested the waters of the world, to lead us through the rough patches - not someone who looks like he never bought a round in a pub - let alone kept the guests in the Ardilaun up and roaring till the down broke.
It isin't that I'm dead set against virtue. I'm sure it has its place - but not necessarily leading a country. For that you need someone with a whiff of brimstone or even interest. The danger of the alpha male (or female) the suspicion that whatever sins they may have confessed, very few were venial - that's what you want in a leader.
The impression given by the portraits of all parties is of unsullied purity - like they never even thought of fiddling their exes and wouldn't know a banker if he came up and whacked them with a machie in the Druid's Glen.
Obviously this marks a departure from the days when the photographer's lens's were hard at work attempting to give Bertie the look of a favourite uncle with only a rabbit up his sleeve.Now that attempt at metropolitan sophistication is banished.
But the thing is can you be bothered voting for any of them. Personally I'm very underwhelmed. and then I realised that this election is only the first we 're in for this year. Immediately a truely brilliant idea struck. Why not run the general election and the presidential one in tandem? Indeed let's cut to the chase and declare Michael D the Prez by acclaim. Saves time and money.

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