Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Curse of Golf

As a general rule golf is not seen as an occupation that should come with a health warning. Most people, considering joining a club, imagine that the worst they are letting themselves in for is a connection with a gang of the most unspeakable bores in christendom. It is my opinion that this fact is down-graded to a minor difficulty by the illusion, almost always erroneous, that golf club membership bestows some sort of social cachet - a fact that automatically puts you one up on your neighbour.Five minutes on the fairway, isolated from normal life by the prospect of seventeen more holes before escape is possible, should be enough to bring the acolyte to his senses. Unfortunately this is rarely the case. And as the the women - the curse is even worse. Just to look at the gang of haridans braying their way out of the locker rooms of every club in the country is to look in the face of disaster. These are the sort of tasteless females for whom the pinnacle of social grace is to fill their houses with Waterford Crystal - much of it never used -( if the Waterford tag is anything to go by.) What they have to talk about is anybody's guess, though I suspect their world view is not too far behind that of Desperate Housewives.

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