Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Uncharacteristically, I sailed serenely through Meltdown Monday.In fact it wasn't until Tuesday morning when I rang a friend (to report yet another lost foxhound), that I heard about it, at all at all. He was in a gleefull state, especially when he told me that the Government had turned me into a financial underwriter. When he explained that this had to do with my taxes bailing out the banks, I was elated too, since so far as I know, I haven't been a taxpayer since 1979. But of course, as he pointed out, I had been coughing up, through the fact of just breathing, that being the way of indirect taxation.

Later, my son - the Great White Hope of the Duffys- went further by suggesting that I investigate my participation in the Derivitives Markets whatever they are. Thus cresting a wave of euphoria, the crises of the world washed over me.

Then this morning as I prepared my breakfast porridge, a lucid moment opened like a shaft of sunlight through a leaden sky. I was sprinkling Goji berries at the time and realised that there has been a distinct improvement in my mood since I first fell for these dried out little red yokes. Could there be a connection? I went to the back of the Linwoods pack to see the history of these magic berries.Allegedly they hail from some obscure region of the Himalayas and really that's all you need to know about them. But the thing is, Gojis appear to be brilliant at everything. So, could it be that my upbeat mood which appears to have innoculated me against financial doom
and gloom has to do with diet.Am I living proof of a berry induced Nirvana, a sort of instance of Shangri La on the hoof or just my the fact that having no money to invest, I may be the only person in Ireland with nothing to lose.
There's no doubt about it. Its an ill wind.....

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